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Car Window Tinting in Pittsburgh, PA

The amplification of UV rays by the glass can generate a sauna-like effect, posing difficulties in maintaining an incredible interior for your car during the scorching summer months. At Attention II Detail, our window tinting service ensures maximum satisfaction for car owners by effectively addressing this issue.

Definition of Window Tint

Car window tinting adheres to a thin polyester film with abrasion resistance to the inside of a car’s glass. The film’s primary function is to block as much of the sun’s rays, both visible and ultraviolet, before reaching the car’s interior and passengers.


Why Should You Choose Our Window Tint?

Prevent Shattered Glass

Window tinting helps reduce the risk of injury or property damage from broken glass in the event of an accident or break-in. Protect yourself and your passengers from flying glass fragments and make it more difficult for would-be car thieves to gain entry to your vehicle with this protective film.

Increased Privacy

Window tinting gives drivers an improved sense of privacy and security while on the road. Tinted windows make it harder for anyone outside to see what's happening inside your car, which may help prevent theft and other kinds of crime.

Preserving Your Interior

Window tinting helps shield the interior from the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet radiation, which may cause fading over time. These rays have the potential to inflict damage to your dashboard, upholstery, and other surfaces, which will result in repairs that are both unpleasant and costly

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In most states, window tinting is typically permissible for all windows except the front windshield, as it may obstruct the driver’s view.
Vehicle window tints can be removed only with the right tools and some know-how. Expert removal is recommended if you don’t want to risk breaking the glass and or scratching it.
The durability of window tinting in a vehicle is affected by many factors, including the film’s quality, the skill of the installer, and the weather. Top-notch films have a potential lifespan of 10 years or more.


Improve the shine and safety of your car. Attention II Detail offers first-rate window tinting, ceramic coating, and other detailing services. Visit us at 5012 Buttermilk Hollow Rd Unit D, West Mifflin, PA 15122, or call us at (412) 469-9020 to schedule an appointment. Give your automobile the perfect attention it deserves.



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